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Yummy Things Unite. See All Our Fabulous Flavors.
Classic Vanilla
Vintage classic... this buttery vanilla cupcake is topped with a fluffy vanilla, buttercream frosting.
Classic Vanilla Chocolate
Classic buttery vanilla cupcake with our creamy Ghirardelli chocolate frosting.
Black Tie Affair
This mild Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake is topped with our classic buttercream frosting... a true affair to remember.
Ghirardelli Square
A mild Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake, topped with creamy chocolate frosting and accompanied with a classic Ghrardelli Chocolate Square.
Pina Colada
Rum infused pineapple folded into a coconut cake, iced with coconut rum buttercream. Add in some pineapple and coconut, top with an umbrella, and you'll think you're on the beach!
Peach Cobbler
A delicious peach cupcake with buttercream icing, finished with fresh peaches and brown sugar. A summer sweet!
Chocolate Cinnamon Walnut
A moist chocolate cake loaded with cinnamon and walnuts, topped with decadent chocolate buttercream and a candied walnut.
Bahama Mama
Banana, pecan, rum cake topped with fresh bananas with vanilla buttercream, rum sauce and candied pecans.
Almond Raspberry
Almond cake with a raspberry filling, finished off with a buttercream icing drizzled with a white chocolate raspberry sauce. Almond slivers add a finishing touch!
Razorback Red Velvet
Velvety rich devil's food cupcake, topped with a dreamy cream cheese frosting... don't tailgate without it!
French Breakfast Puff
Moist, buttery streusel cake rolled in cinnamon and sugar... A tasty treat for breakfast... or lunch... or dinner...
Custom Designed Cupcakes
Little works of art, specially prepared each day for your unique cupcake cravings!
Kahlua and Cream
This coffee infused chocolate cupcake with spiked Kahlua Buttercream frosting is just what you need to start the day off right!
Lemon Drop
A touch of lemon in this cupcake gives a sweet gentle flavor of spring! The lemony buttercream frosting adds the right amount of "sweet" to it's tart companion!
Ultimate Malt Ball
Tell me about the good ole' days with this malt infused chocolate cupcake topped with a creamy malt buttercream frosting. Accompanied with the ultimate malt ball!
White Chocolate Chip
Our decadent white chocolate cupcake sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, baked to perfection and topped with a Ghirardelli chocolate swirled cream cheese icing. Simply to die for!
Black Forest
Get lost in this cherry filled, chocolate cupcake with a canopy of cherry buttercream frosting.
Kavanaugh Carrot
A perfect combination of moist carrot cake with a smooth cream cheese frosting. A simple twist brings this old classic to new "Heights"!
Oatmeal Cream Pie
Snuggle up with this super moist oatmeal cupcake, with a feathery light cream cheese frosting, dusted with a hint of cinnamon.
Peanut Butter Cup
The name says it all... a rich chocolate cupcake with a creamy, smooth peanut butter frosting. Topped off with a mini Reese's Cup.
German Chocolate
A mild German chocolate cupcake with a coconut, pecan German chocolate icing. Truly Decadent!
Banana Split
A delicious banana cupcake with buttercream icing, drizzled with chocolate and caramel, topped with a sweet cherry! Dig in!
Kick back and relax with the festive tequila and Grand Marnier infused cupcake, with a tangy lime buttercream accompanied with a candied lime wedge.
Carmel Banana Bread
Our banana cupcake with cream cheese icing, drizzled with a caramel sauce and sprinkled with nuts.
A banana cupcake with our smooth peanut butter icing, drizzled with chocolate and topped off with a Ghirardelli square! Well suited for a King!
Cookies and Cream
Got milk! A Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake topped with a creamy white Oreo fillied frosting with an Oreo "dipped" right on top!
Our decadent Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake topped with a Creme De Menthe buttercream, sprinkled with mini chocolate chips.
No need to duck.... just open wide for this coconut explosion! Coconut is folded in this almond vanilla cake, topped with a mound of frosty white coconut.
Strawberry Short "Cupcake"
For all you strawberry lovers, here is the cake for you! A rich strawberry vanilla cupcake, layered with whipped cream buttercream and fresh strawberries!
Peanut Butter Cup
The name says it all... a rich chocolate cupcake with a creamy, smooth peanut butter frosting. Topped off with a mini Reese's Cup.
Blackrock Bottom
Our classic Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese filling, topped with cream cheese buttercream and garnished with mini chocolate chips!
Custom Designed Cupcakes
Little works of art, specially prepared each day for your unique cupcake cravings! Call for details!
Italian Creme
Creme Cake with coconut and pecans, dressed up with a twist of cream cheese icing, garnished with toasted coconuts and pecans.
Pumpkin Spice
Fall is here... A moist Pumpkin cupcake with a cream cheese, buttercream, dusted with cinnamon.
Orange Creamsicle
Orange cupcake with fresh orange zest and juice, iced with an orange vanilla buttercream and garnished with a candied orange slice.
Sweet Potato Pie
A sweet potato cupcake with marshmallow, buttercream and topped with candied pecans... Just like Grandma's...
French Toast
Breakfast is served... A cinnamon and maple syrup cupcake, with maple buttercream icing, garnished with a good ole' piece of Fried Bacon! Mmmm...
Peanut Butter Cookie
A moist peanut butter cupcake, with a delicious peanut butter icing, topped with crushed peanuts.
Almond Bliss
An almond, Ghirardelli chocolate and coconut cupcake, with a dollop of vanilla buttercream and toasted coconuts and almonds.